Each ml contains:
Buparvaquone………………..........50 mg
Sorbitan monooleate B.P. …...…100 mg (As Preservative)
Oil base………………...…...................q.s.

BUTACURE is a clear solution for intramuscular (IM) injection and contains buparvaquone as an active ingredient. It is an analogue of antimalarial hydroxyl-napthoquinones. 

Pharmacological Properties:
Buparvaquone are napthoquinones that are used for the treatment of Theilerosis. They act on both macroschizonts and intraerythrocytic piroplasms. It is gradually absorbed from the site and distributed to the body and maintains its effective level in blood plasma for 10 days.

For the treatment of theileriosis caused by Theileria parva (East Coast fever), T. annulata (tropical theileriosis) T. bovis, T. lawrencei, T. mutans & T.orientals sergenti in cattle.

Dosage & Administration:
By intramuscular (IM) route in to the muscles of neck region only.
Cattle: 2.5 mg of Buparvaquone per kg BW (5 ml of BUTACURE Inj per 100 kg BW) once as single injection. In severe cases repeat the treatment within 3-5 days after the initial injection. Not more than 10 ml should be injected into single site.

Intravenous (IV) & Subcutaneous (SC) injection are forbidden. Vaccination should be delayed until the animal has recovered from Thelierosis.
It is not recommended to use in pregnant animals.

In case of accidental contact with the skin, wash with soap and water. When using medicines, do not smoke or eat.

Side Effects:
Immediately after injection localized, painless, edematous swelling may occasionally be seen at the site of injection.

Withdrawal Period:
Milk : 2 days
Meat : 42 days

Store below 25 o C in a dry place, protect from light . Do not freeze.

20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml vial.

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